Kennedy Space Center Trip

3, 2, 1….. TAKE OFF! Pack 1714 took a trip to sunny Florida to explore where no scouts have gone before. A trip to the Kennedy Space Center was a must to explore the history of space exploration. The scouts were able to see America’s history and advancements of space shuttles, exploration vehicles, and satellites. Each building had different things to explore and short movies to watch. The scouts were able interact with some of the games and skills that astronauts had to learn. There were simulation rides some of them rode on and a slide to imitate the landing of a space shuttle.

What things did the scouts learn? There are currently more Mars rovers on the Red Planet than we expected. They were different sizes and some lasted longer than the scientist anticipated. There are satellites exploring the wonders of space. The images that are being taken keeps improving with the advancement of technology and helps scientists study how planets and stars may form. They are still searching for a planet that can support life. There were so many things that it was a challenge to explore everything in one day.

The one thing that would make the trip epic, was to see a launch. Unfortunately our stay was between the two launches; one on Thursday and one on Sunday. Hopefully next time the planning of the trip could include a launch. We had the perfect camping spot for it at Port Canaveral.

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