How To Get Involved

Why Get Involved?

We need you!!

Cub Scout Packs are completely run by volunteers, all the leaders do this because they believe it’s a wonderful program that teaches their children great skills and builds young men and women of character. It takes a lot of work to run a successful Pack, but when we split the work up between all of our great leaders, it isn’t bad at all. We have dozens of roles ranging from helping out at a Den Meeting all the way up to being the Cubmaster or Committee Chair. Regardless of how much time you think you can commit or what your interest level is, i’m sure we can find a role that you will love and that will help our Pack remain strong and effective!

Any adult that wants to work with the Cub Scouts or go camping as a with us as a leader needs to have taken the current Youth Protection Training (YPT) Course on My.Scouting.Org and complete an Adult Application. Other roles have additional position specific training and other requirements as required by the BSA and our Pack Bylaws.

Any adult that just wants to help out with various events and tasks does not need to be a registered leader in the Pack. We welcome all help, however much time you have to give.

Now What?

Ok, you’re hooked, you’ve caught the Scouting bug, you know you want to help out but don’t know what to do next? Well that’s not a problem, getting involved is easy! The first thing to do is to fill out an Adult Application and take the current Youth Protection Training (YPT) Course on My.Scouting.Org. You’ll have to create an account, then click the YPT logo to go to the course. Once you’re done, print out your YPT Certificate and turn everything in to our Membership Coordinator or another Pack Committee Member. We’ll make sure it gets to where in needs to go and that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. If you already have a specific role in mind, just let us know when you turn in your application.

Too… Much… Information…

Just starting to get involved in Scouting and feeling a little overwhelmed by everything? That’s okay! We know not every adult wants to come camping or has a schedule that would allow them to attend every meeting. If you’re not sure how you want to help out yet, or what your time commitment can be, why not just help out with a Den Meeting? Please feel free to ask your Den leader during a meeting if you can help plan an activity, bring refreshments, etc.