It was a scary weekend of strange things happening at Bert Adams Campground. Pack 1714 was investigating the strange events all weekend. The scouts walked around and discover different activities that perked their interest and they wanted to try. They were able to shoot sling shots and the bowling pins that seemed to magically balanced on an elevated beam. They were able to use the bow and arrows that would always hit the bulls eyes. There were nocturnal animals that were awake during the day time. The scouts thought they were beautiful and learned how these animals survive. Of course their were inflatables that seemed to draw their attention and are interactive.

At dusk, the scouts started to turn into different characters. They were summoned by loud music to join the other strangely dressed scouts. They were greeted with glow sticks and danced until they were tired. In the morning, they were met by a green grasshopper that wanted them to stay longer. The scouts told it that they had to go back home to recover from the magic of Bert Adams.

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