Popping with Kindness

The December meeting had a little more meaning this year. The scouts made gifts to give to others. They helped to make bookmarks. They personalized them in a heartwarming way that anyone would want to keep it forever. They also made potpourri sachets that could go anywhere that needed to smell fresh. This was a great way for the scouts to think of others during the holiday season. Of course there were other ways to give back to each other….. with a pie in the face.

The December would not be the same until some adults had a whip cream pie in the face. The scouts with popcorn sales $500 or more was able to choose which scout leader, sibling or fellow scout to get pied in the face. It is always the highlight for any scout who worked extra hard to help the Pack reach the yearly goal. For this rare occasion, one of the mom’s did get a pie in the face. She was a good sport about it too. Let’s hope next year the pack keeps giving to those who appreciate the thoughtful gifts, and keep raising money to continue the fun exploring outdoors.