Spring Camping at Woodruff

There is a magical scout camp in Northeast Georgia that many of the scouts have never been before. They had to go and experience this awesome campground called Woodruff. Pack 1714 was there with other local Atlanta area Packs. The scouts experienced new games and challenges to help build teamwork. The one that was a favorite for scouts and parents was soccer. The ball was 6 feet tall beach ball and the scouts had to move it with their hands to touch the top bar of the small goal. It took a while for someone to score but it was lots of fun to watch. Another activity the scouts enjoyed was pulling the covered wagon. Some of the scouts really shined by stepping up and showing how they are strong enough to help. This also tested some of the Webelos leadership skills to make sure the poles were in right place for the wagon to reach to the finish line.

After some of the games, the scouts were able to be creative for some of the arts and crafts. The scouts were able to tie dye a hat, leather working, and build small boats. The ones you hung around camp tried to make forts until it was time for the Pack skits by the fire. Some of the Packs shared their skits and of course everyone laughed. Once it was over, we went back to camp to enjoy some walking tacos and one of the parents made some delicious cobblers. The scouts had a great time and experience at the magical scout camp called Woodruff.

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