Blue and Gold Celebration

Every year Pack 1714 celebrates the Boy Scouts of America’s birthday. The cubmaster tells the story of how the Boy Scouts of America was started by William Boyce. The scouts listened to the story before the some surprisingly fun activities. The den leaders had a different plan to make it more memorable for the scouts. There was a popcorn relay race and a balloon relay.

For the popcorn relay, the scouts had to work together to get the cup on each others foot and fill it with popcorn. The one traveling had to make sure they did not spill the popcorn and try to fill the popcorn bucket. The teams were close until one fill the bucket to the top with popcorn. It was a messy game with popcorn everywhere, but the scouts enjoyed it. The next race was the balloon relay. Each scout needed to pop the balloon on a chair. Again, each scout took their turn. The younger scouts had a challenging time popping the balloon. Luckily there were a few parents and den leaders to help them out. After the games, everyone ate some birthday cake, and made sure the place was clean. Let’s hope the next birthday celebration was epic like this one was.