Pinewood Derby Time

Scouts, start your engines! It is Pinewood Derby time. The scouts should their creative wood working skills and awesome paint jobs to make their derby cars look fast. Were they fast? The cars were really fast zooming down the track. Each scout was hoping that their cars were fast enough to advance to the finals. The ones that was 1st and 2nd for their den, advanced to compete for the overall Pack race. Some of the scouts were returning champions for their den, and hoping to win the title of Pack winner. The winner from last year wants to repeat for another victory. Was the scout victorious?

While the scouts were racing, the siblings had their chances to show off their skills. Their cars raced to see which one was the fastest while being stylish. One parent stole the show and displayed his tech skills. His car was the fastest. It was literally smoking the competition. When the results were done, the winners were announced. The scout that won last year, repeated another victory for this year as the overall winner. Each den had the top two winners and those scouts walked away with a trophy. Will the victors remain victorious? We will wait and see next year.

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