Campfire, Skits and Smores

The October pack meeting was special. Pack 1714 returned to their favorite natural park to host a pack meeting. The scouts had one job to do. They needed to have a skit ready for all to hear. The bravest of all the dens to start the skits was the Lion Den. The newest member razzle and dazzled every one with their “Knock, Knock” jokes. Each one told their joke and everyone laughed. The rest of the dens told their favorite skits from years past. The adults were even part of it with their skit about the radio mysteriously flipping stations. One of the den leaders definitely stole the show with his voice imitating a gangster.

After the skits, the scouts indulge themselves with smores. Once the smores were finish, the flag retirement ceremony commenced. The Scoutmaster, MC, gave the scouts his rendition on why the flag was so important to our country and what it means to respect it. He told the scouts the story of one of his siblings being away from their family with their spouse. He also told them how hard it was for his family. The story did have a happy ending, but knowing the men and women are dedicating their lives to protect what the flag stands for. The scouts were able to say the pledge for the flag and retired it respectfully that night.