What’s a Pack?

Cub Scouts is broken down into ranks by year. Kindergartners are Lions, First Graders will be Tigers, Second Graders are Wolves, Third Graders are Bears, and Fourth and Fifth Grades are Webelos. Each of these grades/ranks will be their own Den. Thus, all Second Graders will be in the Wolf Den, so that there will be a group of like-aged boys or girls all working together toward their Wolf badge. If there are a large number of Scouts in one grade, then there may be two or more Dens at each level. Boys and Girls are also separated into different Dens, but the Pack is the group of all Dens—all Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, and Webelos—which gets together for monthly meetings, camping trips and other outings. This lets Scouts of all ages and skill levels interact and learn from each other.