USS Yorktown Trip

Spending the day on an aircraft carrier is always a great experience. Spending the weekend on an aircraft carrier is epic. During the day, tours were set up so the Scouts were able to explore USS Yorktown’s multiples levels as wells as a few levels on USS Laffey, a U.S. destroyer. They saw many different types of planes that were flown in World War II as well as military planes from the late 20th century. Some Scouts were able to visit Fort Sumter, and learned about the history of the fort and part of the Civil War. There was also a Vietnam Experience where the Scouts can walk through a replicated U.S. camp in Vietnam. So there was plenty of military history they could learn and explore.

What did the Scouts do at night? They gathered in the theatre on the first night to watch “Greyhound”. This help to experience part of World War II when the naval vessel was using sonar to find the German U-boats. The second night, they listened to a speaker who told stories about USS Yorktown in battle, the life of the crew on board, and highlighted some of the pilots who were able to land on a moving vessel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When it was bedtime, the Scouts gathered in the sleeping quarters and slept in the multiple tier bunk beds. Were the beds comfortable? Just ask one of our Scouts.

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