USS Alabama/ Blue Angels was a hit

This trip was awesome. Blue Angels was a go for their annual homecoming show at a great location, Pensacola Beach. The Scouts enjoyed playing in the sand and playing volleyball while waiting for the show to begin. We were at the perfect spot to watch the Coast Guard demonstrating how they saved their cadaver dummy named Elmo. The many different pilots of each aircraft wowed us with their tricks and skills until it was time for the Blue Angels to begin their stunts. It was amazing how they stayed in unison while flying. There were times we were surprised by several planes flying from the left, the right or behind us. Overall, it was well worth the location change.

The next day, the Scouts visited the USS Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. They explored the battleship and the submarine. The battleship was a maze with many different levels and rooms to explore. Luckily, there were maps to help out. We enjoyed our lunch before going trough the submarine. There was only one level to explore and some Scouts decided to explore the sub again. It was hard to imagine how anyone could live in tight quarters for many months. Some families took advantage of the gift shop and walked around to look at different aircrafts and tanks before heading back to camp. This trip will most likely be on the calendar for November of 2022 because it is worth doing it again.

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