Pie Throwing

We had a great year of popcorn sales with 21 boys that sold over $500 worth of popcorn. That means over 21 pies were thrown at our Dec Pack meeting. This year, probably to the relief of parents, some of the Scouts wanted to throw pies at each other instead of at the adults. Below are all of our exceptioaln Scouts who sold over $500 and got to throw pies.

Logan, $500
Micah, $518
Jensen, $539
Sebastian, $606
Connor, $620
Evan, $650
Adrian, $706
Landon, $729
Cruz, $750
Gabriel, $750
Jason, $757

Camden, $788
Ronan, $790
James, $802
Brooks, $830
David, $901
Ethan, $1000
Henry, $1151
Patrick, $1157
Brantley, $1223
Thomas, $1659

A big thanks to all of our Scouts for selling popcorn, this is the primary way we fund the Pack each year and allows us to have great events and a lot of fun for everyone!

Click > here < to see some short video clips from this year’s event!